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Twin Eagles 42" Built-In BBQ Grill
Twin Eagles 42' Built-In BBQ Grill

Twin Eagles 42" Built-In BBQ Grill

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The Twin Eagles 42" built-in gas grill is built with 304 stainless steel, has a grill hood assist system which reduces the weight of the hood for easier access. Three (3) 14 gauge 304 stainless steel burners produce 25,000 BTUs each and it comes with an optional rotisserie burner (14,000 BTUs) and sear zone burner that is installed on the left-hand side. The high-quality ceramic briquettes distribute radiant heat evenly to the cooking surface, which is essential for consistent grilling. This grill comes with dividers that are placed between each burner which breaks the grilling surface into zones thus allowing you to cook multiple food items at different temperatures. The 3/8" stainless steel hexagon-shaped grate rods aid in the grilling process by collecting, retaining, and radiate the heat into your food, while thicker and heavier grates are more likely to absorb and retain heat.

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